4Kast Strategic Planning

Key Benefits

Reduce planning time and increase accuracy of your plan

Automate your time-intensive annual strategic planning process with generative machine learning technology and predictive analytics.

Annual strategic planning involves gathering historical performance data and input, cleaning that data, building models, generating multiple potential scenarios, and then iterating on models to ultimately narrow on a strategic financial plan selection for the following year.

This process is resource intensive for all teams involved, particularly your FP&A team who works closely with various stakeholders within the business to build complex forecast models.

4Kast™ generative AI solutions leverage machine learning models that are trained with your data to generate financial forecast models and generate plan scenarios. 4Kast™ learns more at every turn using historical actual and forecast results as input, along with other factors like seasonality of your industry. This allows for your team to quickly and more accurately build and tune planning scenarios.