AI powered software solutions to elevate the operational efficiency of your SaaS business.

We were born at the dawn of a new computing era. It is an exciting time where modern compute engines, edge-based cloud solutions and data-science methodologies have converged to enable generative artificial intelligence systems that power our everyday life.

At Alogram, we focus on solving problems that SaaS businesses face every day. The success of our software solutions are measured by the productivity gains that are realized (for example, reduction in operating costs) and our time-to-value for our customers. 


Why Octopus?

Octopus is symbolic for us. It is sophisticatedly smart. Octopus solves puzzles, collects tools to use, recognizes humans and has their own personality. We created OctoSage, Alogram’s AI representative. We embrace the creature's intelligence and we turn to OctoSage for their wisdom and humor.

Our Values